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Owners of Companies in the 1M to 200M and EBITDA (250K-10M) Range Toolbox

Are you an owner of a business with an EBITDA between $250K and $10 million, contemplating a sale to a private equity (PE) firm or a PE-backed strategic buyer? Navigating the PE landscape is essential to maximize the value of your business in a transaction. Blackmore Connects offers an unparalleled opportunity to understand and prepare for this journey.

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Strategic Steps for Selling Your Business to Private Equity:

1. Preparing Your Business for Sale

When considering a sale, the attractiveness of your business to PE buyers depends on several factors. Businesses in this EBITDA range can command different multiples based on how many ‘boxes’ they check.

Key Areas for Enhancing Value:

  • Stable and Predictable Cash Flows: Demonstrating consistent earnings enhances the attractiveness of your business.

Market Position and Competitive Advantage: A strong niche or unique value proposition can significantly increase interest from buyers.

Scalability: Evidence of potential for expansion, either through new markets or product lines, can raise the value.

2. Understanding PE Buyer Perspectives

PE firms or strategic buyers backed by PE look for businesses that can either stand alone as a viable investment or complement their existing portfolio companies. Understanding this perspective can help in positioning your business more attractively.

3. The Impact of Add-Ons

In the PE world, smaller businesses can be targeted as add-ons to existing platform companies. If your business fits into a larger company’s growth strategy, it could command a higher price.

4. The Importance of a Strong Management Team

A capable management team is often a key consideration for PE buyers. A team that can continue to drive growth post-acquisition adds value to your business.

5. Navigating the Sale Process

Engaging with potential buyers early and understanding their interests is essential. Platforms like Blackmore Connects can facilitate connections with the right PE firms, providing insights into what buyers are looking for.

6. Realistic Valuation Expectations

Valuations in the $3M-$10M EBITDA range can vary widely. The more ‘boxes’ your business checks (like market position, financial stability, growth potential), the higher the multiple you can command. However, it’s crucial to have realistic expectations based on your business’s specific attributes.

7. Preparing for Diligence

Be prepared for thorough due diligence by potential buyers. They will scrutinize financials, customer concentration, market position, and growth prospects. Having this information readily available can expedite the sale process.

8. Leveraging Expertise

Utilize resources like Blackmore Connects for guidance. Their expertise in connecting business owners with PE buyers and understanding the nuances of these transactions can be invaluable.

Toolbox Highlights

PE Workshops

Our Blackmore team gives executives hands on practice with various different private equity situations to bolster real world skills. These 90 minute sessions are packed with invaluable information.

Virtual Conferences

By bringing together executives and private equity firms into one place, the deal making process is highly sped up, helping us get you one step closer to reaching your goals.

Executive Connections

With many different buddy programs, you will have help from executives from your respective industry helping you optimize your personal PE journey.

40+ hours of recorded training

Years of accumulated knowledge from our experienced directors, operating partners, conferences, and executives.

Direct Mentoring and Coaching

Assigned a Program Manager Coach and a Mentor to tailor your specific PE journey to yourself.

Comprehensive Investment Thesis Initiative

You will have guidance from top level PE investors to design your investment thesis coupled with support in the creation of your target company funnel.

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What You Will Learn

  • The PE field, The PE Rules 
  • The PE Players
  • How to evaluate PE firms 
  • Equity structure 
  • Shareholder Agreements and Employee Contracts 
  • Using PE to Generate Wealth  
  • The early days of PE vs. now
  • Now you are in the big leagues
  • Now what is your game plan  
  • EBITDA is a whole new game that what you may have been exposed to
  • What is your value creation plan 
    • Organic Growth 
    • Margin Expansion
    • Buy and Build 
    • The role of consultants  
  • How to become top of mind 
  • The role of a deal thesis
    • What is a deal thesis 
    • Why a deal thesis
    • Now that I have a deal thesis how do I build my target owner funnel 
  • EBITDA deal size and why it matters

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Who Is This For?

Current or Former Operational Executives

• C-Level Executives

Years of Experienc

• Quantative Analyst

Programs & Trainings

• Private Equity Investors

Programs & Trainings

• Presidents/VPs

Programs & Trainings

• Investment Bankers

• Financial Consultants

Programs & Trainings

• EVPs/GMs

Programs & Trainings

• Fund Managers

Programs & Trainings

• Managing Directors

Programs & Trainings

, Owners of Companies in the 1M to 200M and EBITDA (250K-10M)

Why invest in your future with this PE Toolbox?

You will explore the role of private equity as both a financing tool and investment opportunity, with interactive sessions, videos, and assignments. As a participant, you will learn about the types of private equity, recent developments in emerging markets, and how private equity creates value for you, your organization, or clients. You will receive personal support and be paired with an executive who has Industry experience. 

Build Expertise With Our Professional Training

Negotiation skills: Private equity involves negotiating complex deal structures and terms with management teams and other stakeholders.

Financial Acumen: Know the ins and outs of private equity terminology, understand how proprietary deals are made and processed, how to gain capital.

M&A Mindset: A special perspective where you put yourself in the Driver’s seat, and take command of a business interaction.

Driving Value in Yourself: Being able to enter a PE meeting and understand how much you can provide and how to make the firms see that as well.

PE education from executives that have more than 50+ years of experience, all willing to help with deal thesis and other aspects of the private equity process.

Learn from executives from your industry that have went through the same journey as you. They have undergone the same steps and have been successful, and they will be able to transfer that know-how to you.

, Owners of Companies in the 1M to 200M and EBITDA (250K-10M)
Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Your new coach:

Gerald O'Dwyer

Managing Director of Blackmore Partners

, Owners of Companies in the 1M to 200M and EBITDA (250K-10M)

Gerald is recognized as a leader and outstanding innovator in the rapidly growing field of private equity. He is the founder of Blackmore Partners, an independent private equity firm and intermediary. Blackmore Partners provides investing capital and business expertise to enterprises with potential. Blackmore Partners forms strategic partnerships with existing management teams, leveraging expertise and relationships to stabilize, strengthen and grow lasting value. Gerald O’Dwyer is also a non-executive co-founder of the PECO Fund, an investment group of proprietary M&A intermediary partners, high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. This fund acts as a co-investor alongside Private Equity Sponsors.

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Upon completion of the Toolbox materials, you will be awarded a Digital Certificate of Completion by BlackmoreConnects.

, Owners of Companies in the 1M to 200M and EBITDA (250K-10M)

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