Frequently Asked Questions: Memberships

• You are immediately assigned a Program Manager (one of our deal partners), who work with you to develop an investment thesis.

• We customize a Marketing Campaign for each of our Members. We reach out twice a week to Capital Providers and set up 20-minute calls. Your Program Manager will be on all your introduction calls.

• You have access to our proprietary webinar library. This Self-Study and Development library includes hundreds of hours that will allow you to differentiate yourself in the PE world.

You have access to our exclusive article library (200+ articles), which includes tools and templates that will significantly increase your outreach success to Capital Providers. 

• You have round-the-clock access to a general database of over 800 private equity contacts in addition to the Morning Star Pitchbook database.

• You will receive 20+ hours of coaching and development from your Program Manager.

• Personal coaching and meetings with your Program Manager (who has 20+ years of PE experience).

You will have 6 planning and 3 post sessions. This includes coaching on your introductions and how to prepare and present to PE to become “top of mind”.

• Learn how to conduct one-on-one meetings with PE partners to differentiate yourself.

Learn how to ask the right questions to each PE Firm and how to adjust these questions on the fly.

• How to remain Top-of-Mind post-conference.

During the day of the conference, the moderator and panelists will introduce themselves. Please don’t be hesitant to ask questions during the panel sessions.