Topics for the BlackmoreConnects Conference

This is a master class into the world of PE.

With your first conference, you’re going to learn the basics of private equity.  You’ll learn how PE firms are measured, the rules they play by, and how they attract limited partners, which is their source of capital.  You’ll also learn about different players in the game. 

Each conference has six pre-conference workshops and three post-conference workshops.

What you will Learn:

*More topics coming.  Remember the topics are not in order, they may or may not be discussed in your conference.*

  • The PE field, The PE Rules 
  • The PE Players
  • How to evaluate PE firms 
  • Equity structure 
  • Shareholder Agreements and Employee Contracts 
  • Using PE to Generate Wealth  
  • The early days of PE vs. now
  • Now you are in the big leagues
  • Now what is your game plan  
  • EBITA is a whole new game that what you may have been exposed to
  • What is your value creation plan 
    • Organic Growth 
    • Margin Expansion
    • Buy and Build 
    • The role of consultants  
  • How to become top of mind 
  • The role of a deal thesis
    • What is a deal thesis 
    • Why a deal thesis
    • Now that I have a deal thesis how do I build my target owner funnel 
  • EBITDA deal size and why it matters,
Stage Description

Stage I

1-3 min intros are to build rapport, establish your credibility and to have the PE firm keenly interested in YOU!

Stage II

How to customize your interactions to the individual PE firm and the level of the person in the PE firm

Stage III

Learning how:  

1. General must haves for a deal to be interesting, 

2. How they manage the platform and add-ons, 

3. Culture, 

4. How PE firms pay board members, consultants and interim and full-time execs, 

5.  Deal structure and how it impacts what an exec does in first 100 days and beyond, 6. Individual PE Value Creation methods.