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So what is Blackmore Connects™?

Blackmore Connects™ the association for Private Equity serves its members with the ultimate platform for executives who desire to secure a role within private equity. As a division of Blackmore partners, our association provides access to proprietary world wide database of Private Equity firm contacts and exclusive networking events. 

Members can most effectively market themselves to PE firms by attending our conference and networking events. These exclusive events position our members TOP OF MIND for open positions by directly networking with leaders in Private Equity. Our members are also given educational opportunities to expand their knowledge in Private Equity through proprietary webinars and consulting. 

Our unique program maximizes your success in Private Equity with constant support through community, advice, knowledge and education. As a premier subscription service, members can apply to either the Gold or Bronze memberships with advantages and special services offered with each. 

There is a lot of key, critical knowledge that you gain easily through this. How to put a deal thesis, how to start to begin to talk to some of the PE firms, and how to weed through them. That is something that if you did it on your own would take thousands of hours.”
Private Equity Blackmore Connects Conference Member
Steven Zaccagnini
ABM Industries
“It is an ideal way to learn more about the mystery of this market. It gives you so many different aspects of Private Equity that you can start to know the right questions to ask these guys, to try to figure out if they’re gonna be a good partner for you or not.
Private Equity Blackmore Connects Conference Member-2
Jack Blount
Founder of Bold Star Ventures
“One of the things that Blackmore Connects does very well is provide visibility Having jumped into the process, I can confidently say you will recoup the money very shortly. You’re quickly making progress towards consolidating a deal”
Private Equity Blackmore Connects Conference Member-3
Sharad Shekhar
CSO of Skylark Inc

Want to know more about our membership options?

Our Team

Alan Blanquicet

Product Designer

Chris Melton

Marketing & Sales

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Blackmore Connects™

We maintain the bandwidth to do what 99% of lower-middle market firms cannot: the time-intensive and exhaustive due diligence necessary to connect you to Private Equity firms within your space of expertise.

Proprietary Database

Access to our proprietary Webinar & Article library, templates, and tools that will significantly increase your outreach success to PE firms.

Guaranteed Meetings

Guaranteed seating at conferences with at least 6-12 PE firms that are buying companies in your area of expertise

One-on-One Mentorship

Upon registration, you are assigned to one of our deal partners who immediately begin working with you to develop an investment thesis.

Pitchbook Searches

The world’s most comprehensive private equity/venture capital database is available with your membership.

Start your Journey into Private Equity Today!

Executives must meet certain Blackmore Connects™ requirements before being granted membership options. To see if you qualify, apply below to get started.

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April 15, 2020

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August 19, 2020

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Oct 21, 2020

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Dec 9, 2020

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