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This conference is designed to increase proprietary deal flow by providing an environment that allows attendees to meet virtually with pre-qualified executives who have an investment thesis.
Private Equity Networking, Home Page (8-17-2020)
Feb 21, 2024


Private Equity Networking, Home Page (8-17-2020)
Aug 21, 2024

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Oct 23, 2024

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Dec 18, 2024

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"There is a lot of key, critical knowledge that you gain easily through this. How to put a deal thesis, how to start to begin to talk to some of the PE firms, and how to weed through them. That is something that if you did it on your own would take thousands of hours.”
Private Equity Networking, Home Page (8-17-2020)
Steven Zaccagnini
ABM Industries
“It is an ideal way to learn more about the mystery of this market. It gives you so many different aspects of Private Equity that you can start to know the right questions to ask these guys, to try to figure out if they’re gonna be a good partner for you or not."
Private Equity Networking, Home Page (8-17-2020)
Jack Blount
Founder of Bold Star Ventures
“One of the things that BlackmoreConnects™ does very well is provide visibility. Having jumped into the process, I can confidently say you will recoup the money very shortly. You’re quickly making progress towards consolidating a deal.”
Private Equity Networking, Home Page (8-17-2020)
Sharad Shekhar
CSO of Skylark Inc
Private Equity Networking, Home Page (8-17-2020)

The Association For Private Equity BlackmoreConnects™

We have the bandwidth to do what 99% of lower-middle market firms can’t: the time-intensive due diligence to connect you with Private Equity firms within your space of expertise.

Proprietary Database

Access to our Webinar & article library, templates, and tools that will increase your outreach success to Private Equity firms.

Guaranteed Meetings

Guaranteed seating at BlackmoreConnects™ Conferences with at least 6-12 Private Equity firms who are buying companies in your area of expertise.

One-on-One Mentorship

Upon registration, you are assigned to one of our deal partners who will immediately begin working with you to develop an investment thesis.

PitchBook Searches

The world’s most comprehensive Private Equity/venture capital database is available with your membership.

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Executives must meet certain BlackmoreConnects™ requirements before being granted membership options. To see if you qualify, apply below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our method is the most efficient way to market yourself to Private Equity as a board member, President, CEO, Operating Partner or Consultant.


  • Attending just one (execs suggest three or more) of our events will save you over $20,000 that would have otherwise been spent on travel/expenses and countless hours that would have been spent scheduling meetings with individual firms. Because Private Equity wants to meet executives in person (Zoom, etc), we bring the Private Equity representatives to meet you. This event is designed specifically to save you time and money.
  • Executives with P&L experience of $50M and above who are interested in meeting Private Equity decision-makers and securing a Private Equity role as a board member, President, CEO, Operating Partner or Consultant.
  • As a member, we provide support in the marketing of you and your thesis to Private Equity beyond the conference. Our BlackmoreConnects™ team can create a customized monthly outreach to over from 50 – 200 Private Equity firms, giving you additional exposure that would be nearly impossible to accomplish on your own without using the MorningStar PitchBook database. If the Private Equity firms’ express interest, we set up a 20-minute call between you and the Private Equity firm.
  • At least two and as many as six. 


  • Consider your first conference a “walk through” so register early.  The process is designed to get you ready in as little as two weeks before the date of the conference.


  • There are new Private Equity firms at each conference.


  • Keep in mind to hit the right timing to find opportunities you want to build a funnel of 200 Private Equity firms that own companies that are in your wheelhouse. 


  • As a benefit, Gold Members will be included in the Master Thesis Deck in each conference for the Private Equity attendees to review even he/she will not be attending the conference.
  • 33% – 66% off the $2,999


  • It’s best to register early to get the best prices.


  • Conferences typically sell out 90 days or more before because BlackmoreConnects™ members are guaranteed a slot up to 30 days before.


  • You can figure out the right package by meeting a staff member in the “Member Services” group.
  • The short answer is NO. 


  • Members have guaranteed seats so there may be a waiting list for non-members.
  • The maximum is 30 Executives per conference.
  • Not all Executives choose to bring a deal thesis to the conferences. 


  • You are assigned an experienced Private Equity deal member with over 10 years of Private Equity experience. We have hundreds of deal thesis examples to use as models. A typical first draft will typically take and executive 1-2 hours. If it takes longer, you are overthinking the process.


  • You do not need a deal thesis if you have purchased a conference lite package. You may purchase a conference lite package for $500.


  • Executives who have been a GM, COO, CEO/President, VP, Director or any other title with P&L experience north of $100M.


  • Entrepreneurial in mindset and action vs. “I just want a job” mindset. 


  • Made good money, have a history of making $$ for others, and now they want a real piece of the action.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sirGI4XGXo0&feature=youtu.be Watch some Executive Testimonials. 

  • 5 – 8 scheduled meetings if you have complete investment thesis or even preparatory deals created.


  • The Private Equity firms select the executives they want to meet during the conference about 3-5 business days before the conference. 
  • If you are wanting to be ‘placed’ in a role, then you are not ready to venture into the private equity world. We do not ‘place’ executives. We work alongside executives to develop a unique idea or angle and leverage their experience, to monetize their background, and secure funding from a sponsor and/or a private equity role. Your thesis is your calling card. Via our various membership programs and the use of the MorningStar PitchBook PE database.
  • You will receive a complete list and updates of all Private Equity firms attending as you get closer to the date of the conference. 


  • You will know 80% of the Private Equity firms attending two weeks before and will be instructed as to how to prepare for each Private Equity firm.


  • You should research and learn all the Private Equity firms who are attending your conference as we will provide full attendee contact list around your conference day.
  • The majority of Private Equity firms are Generalists and are looking to work with “River Guides”. 


  • Your deal thesis is proof that you are a “River Guide” and you are not a job seeker.
  • You might get a board role, consulting, interim or full-time position.


  • However, the job seeker mindset is not one that leads to success in Private Equity.


  • You will get trained how to present to Private Equity Firms, how Private Equity thinks, and other pathways to secure roles in Private Equity.
  • Four initial” how Private Equity works webinars” (3.5 hrs). 


  • Blackmore Partners Codes Research Team support to assist you in forming your deal pipeline. 


  • Templates and other practical information. 


  • 9 hours of additional webinars on
    • The Language of Private Equity
    • How Private Equity creates Value in portfolio companies
    • Making your resume Private Equity ready
    • Updating your LinkedIn Profile to Be Private Equity ready


  • Weekly 15-30 minute meeting to do a process check and coaching with a Private Equity mentors who have 15+ years Private Equity experience and working with executives.


  • A “Conference Roadmap” with quick links in conference prep about the Private Equity firms attending.


  • 6 one-hour sessions (two weeks before the conference) with your fellow executives on the following topics:
    • What the day will look like
      What to expect during and after
    • Guiding Principles in which to craft the flow of the 20-minute meeting with the PE firm
    • Mock meetings and coaching about your presentation with feedback.
  • Besides the conference fee, we operate on a success-fee only basis. If we can’t help you close a deal, we get nothing.


  • The Association for Private Equity is a fee based proactive organization designed by Private Equity to find vetted executives who understand Private Equity and are ready to go hunting for private companies, to be a board member, a CEO, CFO, COO, SVP Sales or consultants for Private Equity owned portfolio companies.

We use Microsoft Teams for the conference and also your individual meetings with the Private Equity Firms.