Blackmore Connects™ Lite Conference 2020

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*February 20th Workshop & Conference only. (offer not available for other conference dates.


Pre and post-conference networking with 15 PE firms 11 am - to 7.30 PM.

Weekly prep calls

Weekly prep calls with a senior partner at Blackmore Partners to help you maximize your time at the workshops and networking.

Conference Guidebook

"Road Map to Success" conference guidebook: Detailed information on every PE firm attending.

Exclusive Webinars

Detailed webinars on past conferences so you know what to expect and improve your networking.

Hear what your colleagues are saying!

  • 45 examples of the past conference “Thesis/Bio format to help you become top of mind.
  • Networking with fellow top P&L executive leaders.
  • Three hours of workshops with Private Equity and PE employment lawyers partners talking about:
    How they hire.
    How they invest and expected return.
    Expectations of executives running a portfolio company
    How and what to negotiate in a PE employment agreement with a PE firm.

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Gary Marshall


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Jim Kerr


Mobile: 954-629-0657

Rakesh R Kapoor

Mobile / Cell : 508-925-0729

Rakesh R Kapoor

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