The BlackmoreConnects™ Proprietary Webinar Library

Private Equity 101 with Mike Lorelli, CEO of Riverside portfillo Company WaterJel

  • History of PE
  • Returns – Differentiating between Good, Great, and Excellent Returns
  • Where is the money coming from? – Types of LPs
  • Terminology
  • The PE model – LBO, IRR, and EBITDA margins
  • PE Compensation – Managed Capital and Carried Interest
  • Results and Performance Measures – IRR, cash-on-cash returns, hold Period, etc.
  • “The Funnel”
  • Management Compensation – CEO, COO, VP; Base, Percentage Bonus, and Equity
  • The Return Drivers – Leverage, EBITDA Growth, Exit Multiple Expansion
  • The PE’s Plan

Private Equity 101 with Tom Bixley

  • Benefits to PE firms
  • The EvaluSys process
  • Network Referral Engine
  • Business Wellness Checkup Review Worksheet

Private Equity 101 with Michael Nall, AM&AA

    • AM&AA is building the first research, development, and exchange center, an ecosystem, for the Middle Market by connecting people, information, and capital with the best learning and performance solutions to maximize business value.
    • It is important to understand the marketplace. In the past, the sector of middle market private equity was not well served. However, private equity has emerged in a significant way recently, and it is essential for the growth and prosperity of not only America but the global economy.
    • The opportunity in middle market private equity is enormous. However, it is so fragmented that it can only be accomplished with trusted relationships and a proven process.

Private Equity 101 with Tim Nelson, Sawmill Capital

  • An overview of Sawmill Capital and its investment criteria
  • A PE perspective on the nuances of working with executives

Private Equity 101 for Bronze and Gold Members

  • Private equity basics
  • What is private equity?
  • Methods of investing funds into private companies or buying public companies and taking them private
  • Limited partners (funders) and general partners
  • Funds and returns
  • Different methods to make investments that are not traded onto public markets
  • What is an Independent sponsor and what are search funds?

Part I: Landing Private Equity Board, Operating Partner and other C-Level Roles

  • Speakers include Timothy Van Mieghem of The ProAction Group and Yelena Edelstein of Blackmore Partners, Inc.
  • Tips on what an executive needs to know in order to secure a C-level role within PE
  • PE execs exist to invest and then nurture their portfolio companies
  • Getting the attention of PE is all about bringing a unique industry perspective
  • You need 200 + PE firms in your marketing funnel to increase the likelihood of landing a PE role and/or securing funds
  • Watch “Winning the PE game” to get better insight

Landing Positions In Private Equity with Mike Lorelli

    Mike Lorelli takes you inside the world of private equity for a first-hand look at what resonates with these firms. Learn how they evaluate talent for their portfolio companies. Creating the right impression when you first meet a private equity team is crucial to securing a role. Learn what you should expect from the interview process…the interview questions you will likely be asked, and how to communicate your skills and experience effectively.

Getting Inside the Mind of Private Equity" ft. Thomas Carver of Harren Equity

  • Provides an overview of the different types of partnerships
  • Guidelines on how the deal process is executed

Landing Private Equity Roles ft. Brand Consultant Sue Sarkesian of Your Exec Brand

  • Tips on how always to be prepared to catch the eye of PE
  • Best practices in having an up-to-date portfolio on LinkedIn
  • The ingredients in a solid portfolio are inclusive of Background, Focus, Direction, Key Qualification, Skills & Competencies, and Differentiators
  • Telling a story that drives your interest is one way to differentiate yourself from other executives

Landing Private Equity Roles

  • Don’t wait to be called by a recruiter, take action!: network, research on different ways to connect with private equity companies
  • There is a lot of competition in the industry, you need to follow up, build relationships and know what PE firms are thinking.

Landing Board Seats ft. WaterJel President & CEO, Mike Lorelli

  • Tips on how to land board seats
  • It is necessary to prepare step by step, and this project should take 10 hours/week for 12- 18 months
  • Building your credentials and developing a message
  • The differences between board resumes from regular resumes

An Interview with WaterJel President & CEO, Mike Lorelli

  • Contrast of executives who make it in the Private Equity world verses those who find success in traditional spheres
  • Emphasis on time! How one needs to be self-sustainable, nimble and quick during this period which may last years
  • Historical overview of the PE industry, where its roots are, where it is now
  • Importance of understanding the industry so that you can find your niche as a possible PE executive
  • Breakdown of the current big players in the PE industry and how they go about putting together and executing deals
  • Cash movement in the LBO model of executing a deal
  • Success rate of PE deals, how many are completed from “potential” to “closed”
  • Importance of comprehending how much work an executive is expected to put in
  • Potential compensation and how its calculated

Blackmore Partners, Inc. Company Overview

  • BMP Business Process
  • Our Extensive Network
  • How we connect with executives and source deals
  • Proprietary Deal Flow generation methodologies
  • Deal Thesis creation
  • Investment Criteria
  • Global Reach

Blackmore Partners, Inc. and Wynnchurch Private Equity: Investing in Energy 2013 Market Overview

  • Drivers of value, ownership, and interest
  • Porters Five Forces
  • Price of commodities, technological developments, equipment cycles factors, factors making a company attractive to PE

Getting Into The Mind of Private Equity ft. Roberto Canto, Managing Director, Pine Tree Equity Partners

  • What private equity look for in operating partners
  • Financial side vs the heavy operating side
  • The importance of knowing the industry
  • Which industries does PE want to invest in

Landing Private Equity Opportunities – Developing Your Deal Thesis To Get The Attention of Private Equity

  • The undeniable importance of an Investment Thesis
  • Appropriate ways in which to approach PE firms

Landing Private Equity Roles ft. Tom Ragen, President & CEO of Precision Dialogue

  • The approach of creating a deal thesis
  • How putting together deals goes well with keeping your day job.
  • Lesson number one( to better set yourself apart ): make all your numbers along the way, any mistake could lead to a long pause in the process due to the lack of data.

Introducing Whitney Krutulis of Sterling Partners

  • The importance of attending conferences and some basics about Private Equity Firm function
  • Sterling does not follow the LBO strategy like other PE firms, rather Sterling is a light user of Debt

Landing Operating Partner Roles ft. Mark McDonald

Mark McDonald’s experience working with BlackmoreConnects® and how the process benefited him in his search to secure a PE role

How Executives Partner with Private Equity ft. James Andersen and Nick Berry of Clearview Capital

  • Overview of Clearview Capital
  • The challenges that smaller businesses face, how to work with them in a way without disrupting their culture
  • Focused Investment Strategy
  • Reasons to choose Clearview Capital

Preparing to Work with Private Equity as an Operating Partner ft. Timothy Van Mieghem of The ProAction Group

  • Operating Partner – the 2 types
  • PE Firms are looking for executives who have ideas and then look for a deal
  • Pre close operational services: Due diligence to find the hidden value of the company
  • Operational Dilligence
  • Focus on operational improvement can lead to a 50% raise in EBIDTA
  • Post acquisition: : transition management, accelerate results, identify opportunity management doesn’t see, drive execution through resource extension

How To Pick The Right Private Equity Firm Partner

Debunking Private Equity -Having A PE Investor Will Not Destroy Your Company

Understanding How/What It’s Like to Work with a PE Investor