Blackmore connects is a low cost outsourced CEO 1st program developed for Private Equity by an Independent Sponsor Private Equity firm.

  • We deliver via six conferences in Chicago every nine weeks
  • For $6000 – $12,000 a year we save you over $1M trying to do this in-house.
  • It is a philosophy and strategy, which rests on the fundamental belief that the key to success for Private Equity firms is working with, learning from, and developing exceptional people who are driven to create value. BlackmoreConnects

East Bank Club – Chicago, IL. One-day events taking place from 10:30 am CT – 5:30pm CT

6-12 per conference and more in-between if you register for 6.

Our target is two executives for every Private Equity firm attending. The lowest end is one to one.

On average is 12 the Maximum is 25 firms per event.

1 week before you arrive at the conference you will get all of the executives deal thesis, deal funnel, bio, and resume via a secure data room. You choose your top 8 and we choose the rest.

  • 1 Conference $3,999
  • 2 Conferences $2499 each
  • 3 Conferences $2000 each
  • 4 Conferences $ 2000 each
  • 5 Conferences $1500 each
  • 6 Conferences $1000 each
  • For best results 6 and never stop
  • Or just one to test it out.
  • How can it?  ACG is primarily to meet bankers
  • ACG Capital has 100’s of PE firm and 1000’s of vendors wanting to get at you. So much mental noise.
  • You do it all for ACG – consider how much your time is worth $500 hour?   $250 hour?
  • At BlackmoreConnects we do it all! 
  • We started developing this process in 2005 for Blackmore Partners, Inc who is a Private Equity independent sponsor to find executive-led deal flow
  • 16 conferences in a row since 2016
  • 14 years of experimentation
  • 14 years of working towards a measurable, repeatable process
  • We have Skin in Game – The majority of the fees come on the back end when deals get done.
  • BlackmoreConnects is your low-cost outsourced method for finding executives with a deal thesis and proprietary deal funnel
  • Find new places to go hunt
    Save time
  • Save $100,000 of dollars a year
  • No vendors taking up your time to meet you
  • Just you and the executives

Executives who:

  • Build new proprietary deal flow that matches your mandates.
  • Discover new niches in which to focus your efforts.
  • Who are looking for funding to execute on a deal
  • Partner with execs who can assist you in creating deal angles to win banked deals.
  • Partner with execs who an M&A minded and deeply understand how Private Equity works.
  • Save weeks and months of your time.
  • Build your executive bench through BlackmoreConnects™.
  • P&L Executives who are screened by a recruiting team with over 100 years combined PE recruiting experience
  • P&L Executives with an actionable, proprietary deal(PE firms pay a success fee only when a deal is closed) funnel
  • P&L Executives who have been coached to adopt an independent operating partner mindset and position themselves as a continual source of proprietary deal flow
  • ‘Backable’ P&L Executives who are ready to do the heavy lifting to get deals done over 12-24 months vs. ‘getting a job’
  • Sophisticated P&L executives who understand how Private Equity works
  • P&L Executives to whom a firm can bring a CIM to vet a deal and locate where the ‘bones are buried’
  • P&L Executives who can give you the unique industry angle that will give your firm confidence to win more deals
  • P&L Executives who can help extend your deal team. An “ear to the street” concept in action
  • P&L Executives who can be board members
  • P&L Executives who can be future replacement executives
  • P&L Executives who are ready to be short-term consultants
  • P&L Executives who can be interim leaders
  • The execs at the very least have one or more niche deal thesis and a list of targets they are working to connect
  • The targets are family-run companies with EBITDA from $2M – $20M Ebitda
  • The targets can be either a platform or an add-on

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