Frequently Asked Questions: Conferences

  • Our method is the most efficient way to market yourself to PE as a board member, President, CEO, Operating Partner or Consultant.
  • Attending just one of our events will save you over $20,000 that would have otherwise been spent on travel/expenses and countless hours that would have been spent scheduling meetings with individual firms. Because PE wants to meet executives in person, we bring the PE representatives to meet you. This event is designed specifically to save you time and money.
  • Executives with P&L experience of $25M and above who are interested in meeting PE decision-makers and securing a PE role as a board member, President, CEO, Operating Partner or Consultant.
  • As a member, we provide support in the marketing of you and your thesis to PE beyond the conference. Our BlackmoreConnects team can create a customized monthly outreach to over from 50 – 200 PE firms, giving you additional exposure that would be nearly impossible to accomplish on your own without using the MorningStar PitchBook database. If the PE firms’ express interest, we set up a 20-minute call between you and the PE firm.
  • We will prepare you via one-on-one phone coaching, templates and webinars. We have a “Roadmap To Success” program process. The result is a deal thesis designed to get the attention of PE firms. A final version will be due 15 days before the event. Preparation is also provided through live coaching webinars.
  • The typical executive attends three or more Association for Private Equity/BlackmoreConnects conferences over the course of 12 months.  The investment for each event is $3,999.  We also have the following conferences discount packages if you purchase more than one conference: 2 conferences for $5000, 3 for $6000, 4 for $8000 or 5/6 for $6000. 
  • For added value, consider the BronzePlus+ membership which includes three conferences for free.
  • Gold members get all conferences for free.  A BronzePlus+ package may cost $15,000.  You can get better pricing if you have a meeting with the Member Services department.  Members services can customize packages that fit your budget.

At the East Bank Club- Chicago, IL When: One-day events taking place from 10:30 am CT – 5:30 pm CT

  • The maximum number of executives allowed at our events is 30. Our deal and talent division reviews over 900 executive resumes each quarter and conducts hundreds of calls to ensure that we have the most qualified executives at our conferences that Private Equity wants to meet.

You will have the opportunity to meet, one-on-one with 5-12 private equity decision makers at each conference. This depends on the number of PE firms in attendance and how many schedule you during the networking session from 2:30PM to 5:30PM

  • You are assigned an experience private equity deal member with over 10 years of private equity experience. We have 100’s of deal thesis examples to use as models. A typical first draft will typically take and executive 1-2 hours. If it takes longer, you are over thinking the process.


  • You do not need a deal thesis if you have purchased a conference lite package. You may purchase a conference lite package for $1500.
  • If you are wanting to be ‘placed’ in a role, then you are not ready to venture into the private equity world. We do not ‘place’ executives. We work alongside executives to develop a unique idea or angle and leverage their experience, to monetize their background, and secure funding from a sponsor and/or a private equity role. Your thesis is your calling card. Via our various membership programs and the use of the MorningStar PitchBook PE database.
  • Buyouts (PartnerConnect) – $3,999; ACG – $999 – $3,000 + annual membership; AMAA – $1,500 – $2,000 x 2 per year; iGlobal – $1,800
  • Bronze members receive a 35% discount on all events, BronzePlus+ members get their first three conferences FREE, and Gold Members have access to 6 events for FREE. Make sure you’re on our mailing list to ensure that you receive special offers of up to 50% off of the $3,999 retail price for conferences.
  • A bundle package constitutes a full year of Bronze membership and registration to one conference of your choice for FREE! This is $3,999 in savings as compared with investing in these products separately. Check out the BronzePlus+ package!

We operate on a success-fee only basis. If we can’t help you close a deal, we get nothing.

The Association for Private Equity is a fee based proactive organization designed by Private Equity to find vetted executives who understand Private Equity and are ready to go hunting for private companies, to be a board member, a CEO, CFO, COO, SVP Sales or consultants for PE owned portfolio companies.