What Executives say about our conferences:

Each conference comes with a “Roadmap to Success.” This is a hands-on, pre-conference process developed to maximize your level of success in both the pre- and post-event timeline.

Roadmap to Success Overview:

  • Reduce the PE relationship building process from 24 months to as quickly as 6 months

  • Meet individually, face-to-face with anywhere from six to twelve PE leaders whose goal is to meet independent sponsor-minded individuals like you

  • One-on-one coaching with senior leaders of Blackmore Partners as to the most effective methodologies used in gaining the attention of PE firms for senior leadership roles(C-suite, board positions, operating partner, etc.)

  • Templates and coaching for creating an actionable deal thesis

  • 5+ recorded hours of webinars with elaboration on the “how to” of getting the attention of PE

  • 3+ recorded hours webinars of with PE representatives explaining how to secure a role

  • 4 previous conference panels comprised of PE firm leaders sharing insights as to successfully navigating within the industry

  • 3 live coaching webinars on the topic of creating and presenting a simple deal thesis

  • 1 recorded presentation and coaching session, “Landing Positions in Private Equity” with Mike Lorelli, former two-time president of PepsiCo, five-time PE CEO, who currently sits on five boards

  • Post-conference (via Bronze Membership) access to 800+ PE firms to whom you market yourself via an investment thesis, which is used as a potent tool to secure teleconferences